I woke up last Saturday with the liberating feeling of having made no plans whatsoever. Nowhere I had to be, nothing I had to do besides some groceries. The feeling was welcome, and the lack of obligations well-earned. The day before concluded a particularly busy period in which I'd been combining my day job with the bulk of a teaching assignment as a visiting professor at the UGent archaeology department (a wonderful opportunity and most pleasurable experience which I'd been granted once before), a number of photo shoots (the pictures of which I'm not at liberty to show just yet), and some other stuff I always find myself saying "yes" to before realising I already have more than enough up my sleeve.

Moonshine in the making

Knowing that a new hectic period will come up in just a few weeks, with amongst others the preparation of exams, and the making of yet another course (long story), made me appreciate the brief pause even more. I guess this is also the moment to mention I had successfully and proudly resisted (albeit barely) the sirens' call of the yearly photography fair in Ghent that day, telling myself I really needed the tranquility, while convincing myself that it was cosy and warm inside, and too cold to venture outside. Like a mantra, I did have to repeat this an unhealthy number of times while getting up and about, in order to appease the feelings of doubt when they reared their ugly head.

Nature vs. the people

So there I was, having finished brunch (yes, I do like having brunch whenever I can and yes, I am aware that The Flash hates brunches - but then again, who listens to that guy anyway?), the remainder of what had started as a gigantic cup of home-brewn cappuccino still in hand, looking out of the window admiring the fall colours, the way the sun permeated the thinning canopies, the dappled light on the trunks and bushes, and the sunny, but cold, display of autumn boldness in general.

Yellow and green

So there I was, completely zen, pushing away the urge to rush upstairs, get my camera and capture the scenery I saw before my eyes. I reminded myself that life's not all about photography. That same mantra, re-invented. So, I rushed upstairs, got my camera, and fired a few shots. Engulfed entirely by this very different kind of zen (or is it?), I decided that my vantage point from the second floor wasn't working out the way I wanted, so I rushed upstairs again, opened the roof window, and started shooting from there, totally ignoring the almost freezing cold rolling in, but refusing to go out and shoot because (1) I hadn't planned to do so, and (2) because it was so warm and cosy inside. Yes, sometimes, like God, my mind works in mysterious ways.
Needless to say, I went shooting all sunday afternoon (ironically, in Ghent), capping of the (again, cold) day with a couple of coffees.

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