With 2017 coming to an end, I was asked by Ex Situ to cover "Ingelmunster Underground", an event organised by RADAR (BIE) to bring a number of archaeological and heritage items under the attention of a wider audience.
Participants, moving between 5 locations in the center of Ingelmunster by bike or on foot, were introduced to the story of the classified neo-romanesque church in the village center ...
... some recent and past archaeological excavation and survey campaigns ...
... and a re-enactment group called "Deuoxtonion" that focuses on Iron Age lifeways in our parts, immediately preceding the disruptive entry by J. Caesar.
I revisited the images I made back then, made a slightly different selection than I did for Ex Situ, and I just finished (re-)processing them. What else to do than to share them ?

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