This is a very short series, resulting from a very short trip. I guess we thought the laws of physics didn't apply to us (I blame my youthful enthusiasm). In any case, the forecast was cloudy and rainy, and for a moment there, we pushed our luck and were able to fire away a few shots with the sun peeking through the clouds. The image below shows the only blue piece of sky visible at the time, with the sun shining through the cloud cover behind me.
It also shows the building of course, the community center of Avelgem, nicknamed "Spikkerelle" and designed by Dierendonckblancke architects (exterior) and Onraet-Callebaut-Desmyter (interior). The building was closed however, so we weren't able to take a decent look inside.
As you can see in the shots above and below, the blue sky had completely gone 10 minutes or so later. Another 15 minutes later, and we were running towards the car in a downpour. Through poetic justice, our hubris had been put to an end, and the natural order was re-established.

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