With 2018 drawing to an end, I thought time had come to free up some space on my hard drive, and archive the pics I made this year. Knowing I had a bit of a back log of unculled and unprocessed pics, and having some free time on my hands between Christmas and New Year, I decided to get started. Imagine my horror when I saw that that back log went back as far as March! Oh well, guess I won't have to worry about getting bored the next couple of days...
So, with that out of the way, here's the first series: the "Jonkhove" meeting center in Aartrijke, by Architectuuratelier Dertien 12. The building houses, amongst others, a library and a number of multifunctional halls.
At first, the light was rather blank, which lent itself to a clean, documentary style of shooting. Unlike the pictures I just came across on the architects' website, which were made in sunny conditions, and tone mapped to lift the no doubt heavy shadows, I found my own shots lacking in sparkle. Which could be another way of saying they look ... well, a bit boring, to be honest.
Let's think of another lame excuse, beside the weather. Uhm ... OK, here goes: the building lends itself to shooting with a wide angle working those leading lines, but those don't lead to anything interesting.* Hmm, I begin to see why these shots sat on the shelf for as long as they did...
*note to myself: try to stand back a little further next time, perhaps change the 24 mm to a 35 ?
After a (too long a) while, the sun broke through the clouds - my kind of light !, but by then, it had sunk behind the houses on the opposite side of the street, robbing me of the opportunity to reshoot the facade nearest to the street.
I'm sure the architects had a very specific reason for doing otherwise, but I keep thinking the "bench type" facade may have suited the deeper laying facades better, if only from a logical point of view (a bench looking out on the courtyard, instead of the street). And who put that ugly lamp post in front of the building anyway ?

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