A few months ago, my usual photography buddy was asked to make interior and exterior shots of a building made up of condos specifically adapted to the needs of the elderly, and including a dining area, a cafetaria, and some general purpose areas. I was invited to tag along ...
The building itself is set between two streets, and basically encompasses part of a city block. As such, it's tightly enclosed by other buildings, which makes it both difficult to single out compositionally, and a bit fastidious to get suitable lighting.
The time of our visit had been set at around 2.30 pm (for reasons of convenience, as to not disturb the inhabitants), in september. Being a very sunny day, this meant we had to shoot at conditions that almost equalled high noon. Figure in the white facades, the deep shadows, and the fact that the architecture had to be clear and legible, and you know we were stretching the dynamic range of our cameras.
Shooting at a later time would have been better (but not so late that the sun disappeared behind the surrounding buildings), shooting in cloudy conditions, with the sun peeking through from time to time, would have been better still. Nonetheless, it made the session into somewhat of an exercise, and a bit of a hallmark of one of the ways I like to shoot: take the conditions as they present themselves, and see what you can get out of it. Something akin to being in the moment, I guess.

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